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Click the link below to view a copy of the Monthly Cafeteria Menu:

Lunch Account Online Payments

We are now setup to use the PaySchools Central online payment platform for your students School Lunch account. You will be able to look at the current balance, get a detailed reports of items purchased and make deposits to your lunch account. This can be done online using the website or downloading the app.

Attached are the instructions and features to get this setup for your student(s).

Lunch Program

St. Vincent Elementary School offers a hot lunch program for all students each full school day. Parents need to be aware that there are certain stipulations and regulations made by the government in order to receive federal funds for the cafeteria program.  The cafeteria staff do their very best to provide nourishing, appealing meals within these guidelines and within the expectation that the Food Service Program be a self-sustaining entity of the St. Vincent de Paul Schools.

  1. Students may either buy the lunch offered in the cafeteria or bring their lunch to school. Students that bring their lunch may buy milk on a daily basis for 50 cents a carton. Students may not leave the school grounds to buy a lunch.
  2. The cost for the lunch each day is $3.00.  Students may also purchase a second carton of milk for 50 cents.
  3. The Federal government offers meals at a free or reduced rate for families that meet the criteria. These guidelines are based on salary and size of a family. This criteria and an application is available to all families on the parent forms page or at the Registration Night in August. If your family status changes during the year, applications are also available at the school office. This information is confidential so please return the form in an envelope marked  “Cafeteria”.
  4. If a student has a food allergy to a certain type of food or milk, or if they have special dietary needs, please notify the school nurse in a written note with documentation from your family doctor.
  5. Each student will be issued a cafeteria ID number and ID card. This card will be swiped when your child buys a lunch or milk. This ID card works like a debit card. Parents need to send money to school at the beginning of the week or month in an envelope marked “cafeteria” or “lunch money” and with your child’s name. Checks need to be made payable to St. Vincent Cafeteria. This money will be deposited in your child’s account. Each time your child buys a lunch or milk, the money will be subtracted from his/her account. Occasionally a child’s account will run out of money and a note will be sent home if your child owes money.
  6. Lost or broken ID cards cost $5.00 to have replaced. A note will be sent to the parent if this happens. In order to teach the children responsibility, parents are encouraged to have the child pays the $5.00 for the replacement card.
  7. A lunch menu is posted above on and placed in the Messenger .
  8. Tami Lohmann is the Food Service Director. If you have any questions, you may reach her at the High School at 547-4300 or leave her voice mail at ext. 247.
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Band, Choir, and Music Concert Changes

After great reflection and discussion, it has been determined to move all of the following Christmas Concerts: HS Band...Read More

Band, Choir, and Music Concert Changes

After great reflection and discussion, it has been determined to move all of the following Christmas Concerts: HS Band/Choir, MS Band, 5th and 6th Grade Band and the K-4th Grade Concert to a virtual performance.

The numbers, according to our health department, are so high right now that the risk of someone being contagious for COVID-19 at the event would be very likely. This decision was also based on the alert message for Perry County that was posted in previous weeks from the Perry County MO Government. We have so many families who would love to attend, it would be impossible to properly maintain a safe distance of six feet for social distancing according to the CDC guidelines.

The 2020 St. Vincent Virtual Christmas Concerts will be posted on Jupiter and SV Tribe to share with our families once the production is completed. Students will be performing and being recorded during school hours before December 18th. We will send a message to students and parents when students are to dress up when their performance is to be recorded.

Our main focus is to strive to keep our students in person throughout all of St. Vincent’s schools and to give our families the gift of good health and safety during this year of uncertainty. Please understand that we tried our best to provide our traditional in-person Christmas Concert but felt it was in the best interest to help slow the spread of Covid-19 so all our students and families can enjoy the beauty of the Christmas season.

12/4 - Pajama/Polar Express Day & St. Nicholas Day
...Read More

12/4 - Pajama/Polar Express Day & St. Nicholas Day

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