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Click the link below to download a copy of the Elementary Lunch Menu:

St. Vincent Elementary School offers a hot lunch program for all students each full school day. Parents need to be aware that there are certain stipulations and regulations made by the government in order to receive federal funds for the cafeteria program.  The cafeteria staff do their very best to provide nourishing, appealing meals within these guidelines and within the expectation that the Food Service Program be a self-sustaining entity of the St. Vincent de Paul Schools.

1.   Students may either buy the lunch offered in the cafeteria or bring their lunch to
      school. Students that bring their lunch may buy milk on a daily basis for 25 cents
      a carton. Students may not leave the school grounds to buy a lunch.
2.   The cost for the lunch each day is $2.00.  Students may also purchase a second
      carton of milk for 35 cents.
3.   The Federal government offers meals at a free or reduced rate for families that
      meet the criteria. These guidelines are based on salary and size of a family. This
      criteria and an application is available to all families in the Back-to-School
      Parent Packets in July or at the Registration Night in August. If your family
      status changes during the year, applications are also available at the school
      office. This information is confidential so please return the form in an envelope
      marked  “Cafeteria”.
4.   If a student has a food allergy to a certain type of food or milk, or if they have
      special dietary needs, please notify the school nurse in a written note with
      documentation from your family doctor.
5.   Each student will be issued a cafeteria ID number and ID card. This card will
      be swiped when your child buys a lunch or milk. This ID card works like a debit
      card. Parents need to send money to school at the beginning of the week or
      month in an envelope marked “cafeteria” or “lunch money” and with your child’s
      name. Checks need to be made payable to St. Vincent Cafeteria. This money
      will be deposited in your child’s account. Each time your child buys a lunch or
      milk, the money will be subtracted from his/her account. Occasionally a child’s
      account will run out of money and a note will be sent home if your child owes
6.   Lost or broken ID cards cost $5.00 to have replaced. A note will be sent to the
      parent if this happens. In order to teach the children responsibility, parents are
      encouraged to have the child pays the $5.00 for the replacement card.
7.   A lunch menu is posted above on and placed in the Messenger .
8.   Mona Clements is in charge of the lunch program. If you have any questions, you
      may reach her at the High School at 547-4300 or leave her voice mail at ext. 247.

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Support St. Vincent Through Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon? You can support St. Vincent by using Amazon Smile. Click on this link to shop Amazon and support St. Vincent.
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