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The Alumni Association of St. Vincent High School is made up of more than just its Board of Directors. It's a vast community of alumni, parents, and students. Every person in our community is a vital member of our organization. Fundraising over $40,000 a year to support St. Vincent High School's athletic programs is an ongoing challenge and never gets any easier. The Alumni Association bears the responsibility of funding nearly all of the needs and expenses of our sports teams. The Alumni Association also makes a commitment to continue fostering a connection between members both old and new through annual fundraisers, social events, and our bi-annual newsletter. Tradition is at the heart of our organization. Keeping the traditions of St. Vincent High School alive and on-going is critical in our mission to support both our alma mater and our alumni. No one boasts their high school pride more than the members of our organization. If you would like to get involved with the Alumni Association, or if you would like to donate to our organization, please contact us.

Board of Directors

President, Clint Brown, Class of 2010
Clint is the son of Dennis (1974) and Tammy (Schumer) Brown (1974). In 2014, Clint graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly the University of Missouri-Rolla) receiving a B.S. in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Construction Materials and Methods. Although he currently works as the City Engineer for the City of Jackson, he resides in Perryville. Clint is in his fourth year on the Alumni Board of Directors, previously serving as the Vice President, is a former football coach for the Indians, and is also currently a member of the St. Vincent Educational Foundation.

Vice-President, Chirsty (Steinbecker) Fernow, Class of 1994

Secretary, Sonya (Nolen) Dobbelare, Class of 1989
Sonya attended Southeast Missouri State University and has been the owner of Dobbelare Daycare for over 25 years. She has previously served as the Alumni Social Secretary and has been on the Board of Directors for over five years. Prior to being on the Board of Directors, Sony has also been on the PTO Board and served as the Scrip Co-Coodinator. Together with her husband Steve, she has two sons: Mitchel (2017), who is in the Pre-Engineering program at Southeast Missouri State University, and Garrett, a current Junior at SVHS.     

Treasurer, Andrea (Kohlfeld) Ponder, Class of 1997
Andrea graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis in Administrative Systems and Mass Communications. She has been employed at Robinson Construction as the Executive Secretary for 17 years. Andrea has recently married her husband, Jason, and together they are raising five children: Alexandrea Ponder (2018), who currently attends Southeast Missouri State University, Adilynn Ponder and Connor McMillian, both currently in 8th grade, Cooper McMillian, currently in 6th grade, and Anistyn Ponder, currently in 4th grade, all at St. Vincent Schools.

Design & Page Layout, Nichoel (Hadler) Whistler, Class of 2002


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SV Schools Show Me Dough Fundraiser

St. Vincent Schools will be participating in the Show Me Dough Fundraiser, which consists of butter braids, pizza, and...Read More

SV Schools Show Me Dough Fundraiser

St. Vincent Schools will be participating in the Show Me Dough Fundraiser, which consists of butter braids, pizza, and cookie dough. The fundraiser begins November 23 and ends December 10. The money raised will be used for SV School Security and Track Team. The delivery date is December 21 from 3:30-6:00 p.m. in the elementary cafeteria. Just in time for your Christmas celebrations.

We are encouraging each student to sell 10 items. As always thank you for all you do and your support! Questions, email Emily Hager at ehager@svdepaul.org.

Message from Fr. Joe
As superintendent of Saint Vincent Schools, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of our students and staff and act in the best interest of our...Read More

Message from Fr. Joe

As superintendent of Saint Vincent Schools, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of our students and staff and act in the best interest of our schools.

I had hoped that we could begin this school year with normalcy rather than with masks and quarantines but it seems that the pandemic has not yet finished with us. It is still my goal to provide as much in-school learning as possible.

As part of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and citizens of Perry County, we are obliged to cooperate with the Perry County Health Department and follow the guidelines they provide. The Health Department has threatened to report any noncompliance of our school to various agencies including the Missouri High School Athletic Association which could result in the disqualification of our school from interscholastic sports competition. While I do not care for such threats, it is not in the best interest of our school nor our students to risk that outcome.

In my view, it is not proper for St. Vincent Schools to become an enforcing agent of the health department's quarantine orders. That is a civil matter, not a school matter. However, providing a safe environment for faculty, staff, and students is very much a school matter.

This past week a significant number of our students were ordered to quarantine by the health department. Subsequently, the health department notified us of their quarantine order. A few parents chose to disobey the quarantine order and send their children to school without masks or social distance. Because I do not wish to be the enforcing agent of a quarantine, but wish to protect the rest of our students and staff to whatever degree possible, We asked that these students at least wear a mask and social distance. Some refused even to do this which compromised those around us and created a scene unbecoming of St. Vincent de Paul School.

Later this week the matter will be discussed by the school board. Until I receive their counsel and come to a further decision on the matter, we will follow these protocols.

When the health department notifies us of students who test positive for COVID-19, that student will not be allowed to attend in-school classes at St. Vincent school until they are cleared by the health department to return.

When the health department notifies us of quarantined students who were "close contacts", we encourage parents to follow the direction of the health department.

If a close contact student showing no symptoms comes to school we will:

• Notify the health department of their non-compliance with the health department's order.

• We will require them to wear a mask and social distance from other students/staff.

• If they fail to comply with the mask and social distance requirement, they will be suspended from school for the duration of the quarantine order.

Obviously, if a student is showing symptoms, we will send them home and encourage their parents to take appropriate action.

I pray you can see my effort to find a middle road here. It has been my experience that, as midwesterners, we are a little more rational than some parts of our country. We appreciate your continued support.

Fr. Joe
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