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Jr./Sr. High School Faculty & Staff


Mrs. Norma Bauwens
Jr./Sr. High Cafeteria Staff
573-547-4300 Ext. 247

Mrs. Karen Duvall
Jr./Sr. High Cafeteria Staff
573-547-4300 Ext. 247 

Mr. Newman Fair
High School College Credit English Teacher
573-547-4300  ext. 202
Degree: M.A. English Composition, B.A. American History
Favorite Quote:

Returning to St. Vincent, Mr. Fair is well versed in the SV community, it's mission, and it's desire for rigorous courses. In addition to his teaching experience, he has worked as a writer/editor/production assistant in Washington, DC for the Bread for the World Project - providing education and advocacy concerning hunger in the world. Mr. Fair is a member of the National Council of Teachers of English and is a mentor for CHAMPS in Perryville. 

Mrs. Louise Finger

Jr./Sr. High Part-Time Librarian
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 238
Favorite Quote: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".   

Mrs. Louise Finger is a Perry County native. She attended St. Vincent, along with her three children, and currently, grandchildren. Mrs. Finger has been involved in many activities in the parish through the years. Her hobbies include sewing and quilting. She loves spending time with her kids and grandkids.  


Mrs. Kim Finger
High School Religion Teacher, Religion Coordinator, Confirmation
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 203
Degree: B.S. in Parks & Recreation Administration, Coordinator of Religious Education

Mrs. Finger begins her thirty-eighth year at her alma mater. After graduation from UMC, Mrs. Finger earned her certification as a Religion teacher. She is also certified as Coordinator of Religious Education through Paul VI Institute.

Mrs. Finger enjoys anything SV, especially activities showcasing students’ gifts and talents. 
  Rev. Milton Fleming Ryan, C.M., Pastor
Pastor & Superintendent
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 100
Degree: M.A. of Arts in Pastoral Counseling, Master of Divinity, M.A. in Music, and B.A. in Arts
Favorite Quote:

Mrs. Janet Grayson
Jr./Sr. High School Custodian 

Mr. Liam Hoeh
High School Drama Teacher, Drama Club Moderator  
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 246
Degree: B.F.A. in Music Performance
Favorite Quote: "Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about" - Marilyn Monroe 
Mr. Hoeh is beginning his thirdyear teaching for the Drama Department and in charge of the Theater Program at SVHS. He has his BFA degree in Vocal Performance from Lindenwood University. He has 8 years performance experience with St. Vincent School productions as well as four years experience at a collegiate level with Lindenwood University. He has also experienced a year-long professional acting career in New York City under directors such as Martin Scorsese and David Fincher and has shared the screens with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and Kevin Bacon. He is very excited to share his knowledge with the students of SVHS and hopes to encourage confidence in students whether it be on stage, film, or life in general. 
  Mrs. Mindy House
High School Business/Computers Teacher, Business Department Chair, Student of the Week Moderator, Technology
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 237
Degree: B.S. Marketing, B.S. in Administration Systems Management, Certification in Business Education 

Mrs. Mindy House was born and raised in Perryville, MO. She is a 2002 graduate from St. Vincent High School and attended college at Southeast Missouri State University. She married David House (2006) and they have two children who both attend St. Vincent, Carson (5th grade) and Chloe (2nd Grade). Mrs. House is in her twelfth year of teaching, all at St. Vincent. In her spare time she enjoys watching her children play sports. She also loves spending time with family and friends outdoors.

Mr. Tom Julian
High School Science Teacher, Patron Drive, Senior Moderator
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 207
Degree: B.S. in Biology
Favorite Quote: "Push yourself, but don't shove". - Unknown

Mr. Julian has taught Science at St. Vincent’s for seventeen years. Mr. Julian earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology, emphasizing in Wildlife Biology, in 1995 from Southeast Missouri State University.  He later earned his teaching certificate in Unified Science, emphasizing in Biology, in 2000 form Southeast Missouri State University.

Mr. Julian is married to Tracey who works at Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital.  He has a daughter, Nikki, who graduated from St. Vincent’s in 2010, and a son Matt, who graduated from St. Vincent’s in 2014.  In his spare time Mr. Julian likes hunting, fishing, and cycling.

Mrs. Cindy Kirn
Jr./Sr. High Part-Time Librarian
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 238
Favorite Quote: "Be the reason someone smiles today". - Unknown 

Mrs. Cindy Kirn started as a part-time Librarian at St. Vincent High School September, 2017. Although she is a new employee in the school system, she is not new to the SV Family! Mrs. Kirn attended SV through 6th grade and graduated from Perryville High School in 1973. Her husband Mel of forty-two years,have three grown children who all attended St. Vincent Schools. She has four grandchildren currently in the school system, Abby (10th grade), Jacob (5th grade), Connor (4th grade), and Raelyn (Kindergarten). Her other two grandchildren currently attends Notre Dame High Schoolin Quincy, Il., Griffin (1th grade) and Emme (9th grade).

For the past twenty-three years, Mrs. Kirn has owned and managed K & L Sports Locker. She enjoyed working with all of their customers, especially the high school kids. She sold the business in February 2017 and retired, however, after six months she missed being in the workforce. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, camping, golfing, jeep riding, and spending time with her grandkids. 


Mrs. Lisa Lawrence
High School Math Teacher
573-547-4300  ext. 209
Degree: B.S. in Mathematics, M.A. in Mathematics
Favorite Quote: "Each one of them is Jesus in disguise." - Mother Teresa

Mrs. Lawrence began her teaching career as a math teacher and volleyball/basketball coach at Grandview High School in Jefferson County.  After that she have taught at Hillsboro High School, Lathrop High School, St Pius X Kansas City and most recently taught at Kearney High School in Kearney, Missouri for eighteen years.  She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education along with certification to teach 7-12 Mathematics.  She later earned my Master's Degree from William Woods University.

Mrs. Lawrence's husband, Dave, is the caretaker at Peaceful Valley Camp. Their two daughters are married and beginning their own careers.  The oldest, Kylie, is a Kindergarten teacher in Spokane, Washington and their younger daughter, Kyndal, decorates cakes and works at Kakao in Maplewood, Missouri. In her spare time she enjoy's photography and working on scrapbooks.  Her most rewarding times are spent playing and singing worship music.  

Mrs. Stephanie Lobbig
Jr./Sr. High Cafeteria Staff
573-547-4300 Ext. 247 

Mrs. Tamara Lohmann
Elementary & High School Food Service Director
573-547-4300 Ext. 247

Mr. John McLain
Jr./Sr. High School Math Teacher,  Student Council Moderator
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 205
Degree: B.S.E. in Secondary Mathematics Education, M.A. in Theology
Favorite Quote:  "The one who has hope lives differently." - Pope Benedict XVI

A Cape Girardeau native, Mr. McLain graduated from Notre Dame Regional High School. But don't worry, because his allegiance is entirely to Indian Territory.  He attended Southeast Missouri State University and during his last semester there was blessed with the opportunity to student teach here at St. Vincent.  After graduating, he spent a year attending graduate school in Denver before returning to St. Vincent to teach math full time. After two years under his belt, he believes the third time’s the charm and is excited to
continue serving students this year!

When not writing raps about math class or baking his world-famous cookies, Mr. McLain enjoys jamming out to Fleet Foxes, playing Frisbee, and reading the classics.


Mrs. Glenda Mueller
Jr./Sr. High Art Teacher, Prom Moderator,  Annual Theme Symbol 
573-547-4300 ext. 211
Degree: B.S. in Art Education (K-12)
Favorite Quote: "The gallantest flowers are those that bloom in the cold". - John Updike
Mrs. Mueller has taught at St. Vincent High School for twenty-seven years. She works with the Perry County Sheltered Workshop as a Community Integrator. She is a graduate of Perryville High School. She lives in Perryville with her husband, Mark and has two daughters,  four grandsons, and one granddaughter.

Sr. Rosemary Oellermann
Jr./Sr. High Mathematics Teacher, National Honor Society Moderator
Phone:  573-547-4300 ext. 248
Degree:  B.A. in Mathematics, M.A. in Math Education
Favorite Quote: "Every person is precious, as precious as the blood of Christ." - Teresa Weber

Sr. Rosemary is a Sister of the Most Precious Blood and has taught Mathematics at St. Elizabeth Academy until 2013.  As a faculty member, she is accredited through St. Louis University as a 1818 teacher, has been involved as an adult leader in Kairos Retreats, served as Department Chairperson of the Mathematics Department, and has been involved in AdvancEd accreditation evaluations at varying high schools.  She is techno-savvy and regularly uses the graphing calculator as a tool within the classroom for students to visually experience what has been learned in the classroom. In her free time Sr. Rosemary likes to knit, cook, and tend her orchids and other house plants.

  Mr. Keith Brown
Facilities Manager
573-547-4300 Ext. 392

Mr. Thomas Prost
Service Hours Coordinator, Religious Service Coordinator, SV Golf Coach
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 215
Degree: B.A. in Scholastic Philosophy; B.S. in Secondary Education

Mr. Prost is a Perryville native who attended St. Vincent’s grade school and graduated from St. Vincent High School Seminary in Cape Girardeau. Tom has a B.A. in Philosophy from St. Mary’s Seminary and a B.S. in Secondary Education with a major in English from Southeast Missouri State. Besides teaching Religion he works with musicians who play at school masses and coaches Golf. He is married to his lovely wife Tracy and has four grown children; Ryan, Jamie, Kelly, and Luke.

Mrs. Pamela Riney
Jr. High Science and Computer Teacher, Jr. High Volleyball Coach, Junior High Student Council
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 213
Degree: B.S. in Certification of Fundamental Appraoch of Science Teaching
Favorite Quote: "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing". - Albert Einstein

Mrs. Riney teaches science and computers in our junior high. She coaches 6th, 7th and 8th grade volleyball and is the moderator for the Student Council.  Pam has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southeast Missouri State University.  She has since received certification in the Foundational Approaches of Science Teaching.  She is married to her husband Kyle, and has four wonderful kids.  Her oldest daughter followed in her footsteps, and is a fourth grade teacher.

Mrs. Amy Roth
Jr./Sr. High Cafeteria Staff
573-547-4300 Ext. 247

Mrs. Amy Skaggs
High School Chemistry and Physics Teacher, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Robotics Coordinator
Phone: 573-547-4300  ext. 204
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, B.S. in Unified Science Education, Masters in Science Education
Favorite Quote: "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.”

Mrs. Skaggs grew up in Southern Indiana and currently resides in Cape Girardeau. She and her husband have twin daughters named Alison and Taylor. Ali and Taylor are in their fourth year of pharmacy school in St. Louis (STLCOP). They plan to graduate in 2021. Before teaching at St. Vincent High School. Mrs. Skaggs taught in public schools for eighteen years. Her years were split between the Jackson and Cape Girardeau school districts. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, boating, walking, biking, and hanging out with her dogs. 

Mr. Bruce Valleroy
Athletic Director, High School Physical Education Teacher, Boys Basketball Coach
Phone: 573-547-4300  ext. 231
Degree: B.A. in Physical Education
Favorite Quote: " Good things happen when you work hard". - Anonymous

Mr. Bruce Valleroy is a 1981 graduate of St. Vincent High School and a 1987 graduate of Southeast Missouri State University. He has been at St. Vincent for thirty-one years and the Athletic Director and SVHS Boys Basketball Coach for twenty-five years. Coach Valleroy is married to Robyn, who is also a SV graduate, and they have one son, Drew, who attends SV. 


Mrs. Patty Wengert
Resource Teacher/Learning Consultant, Library Supervisor
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 249
Degree: B.S. in Education, M.A. in Education, Certification in Early Childhood Education and Informational Technologies
Favorite Quote: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein

A Perryville native, Mrs. Wengert received her Bachelors and Masters in Education from Southeast Missouri State University. She also has a certification in Early Childhood Education and Informational Technologies.  She recently retired from teaching in the public school system after thirty years.  This is her third year at St. Vincent. Mrs. Wengert is also an adjunct professor at Mineral Area College where she teaches Educational Psychology and Child Development.  Her mission at Saint Vincent Jr./Senior High School  is to see that each student perceives their God given gifts, talents, and abilities so that they can make their unique contribution to the world.

She is married to her husband Jim and has three grown sons Matthew, Christopher, and Brett and three grandchildren.  She loves to read, swim, and garden.  
Mrs. Terry Wengert
Jr. High English Teacher, Jr. High Yearbook Moderator
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 217
Degree: B.S. in PE/Health (Minor:  English), M.A. in Education Administration
Favorite Quote: "For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: "It might have been" - John Greenleaf Whittier
A Perryville native, Mrs. Wengert, begins her twenty-sixth year of teaching at St. Vincent. She completed her Bachelor of Education with a major in Physical Education and minor in English from Southeast Missouri State University and a Masters in Administration from William Wood University.  She currently teaches 7th & 8th grade Language Arts and is the Junior High Yearbook Moderator.

Mrs. Morgan Wheeler
Jr./Sr. High School Administrative Assistant
Phone: 573-547-4300  ext. 230
Favorite Quote: "Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love". -  Mother Theresa

Mrs. Wheeler was raised in Perryville, MO, graduating from PHS in 2011. She is married to Chad Wheeler and they have one daughter. She loves spending lots of time with her family. Mrs. Wheeler enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and attending St. Louis Cardinals and Blues games!

Mrs. Louise Wibbenmeyer
High School Guidance Counselor
Phone: 573-547-4300  ext. 234
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Education in Educational and Counseling Psychology, Master of Arts in Mathematics for Educators, Secondary Mathematics
Missouri Certifications: Elementary Education (K-8), Mathematics Education (7-12), and Counseling (K-12)
Favorite Quote: "For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! plans to give you a future full of hope.” -  Jeremiah 29:11

Mrs. Wibbenmeyer earned two degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her third degree from Webster University.  Mrs. Wibbenmeyer is happy to be at St. Vincent, her Alma Mater, and likes helping students find their interests and solve problems.  Mrs. Wibbenmeyer enjoys the outdoors, camping, hiking, gardening, cooking, sewing, reading, and most of all, spending time with her husband, Rick, and their two kids, John and Maria.

Mrs. Nicole Wibbenmeyer
Jr. High Social Studies Teacher, AdvancEd Coordinator
Phone: 573-547-4300 ext. 212
Degree: B.S. Secondary Education, Emphasis in Social Studies
Favorite Quote: "Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest". - Mark Twain

Mrs. Wibbenmeyer is in her seventh year at St. Vincent’s as a social studies teacher.  She graduated from St. Vincent’s and went on to Southeast Missouri State University where she earned a degree in Secondary Education.  Mrs. Wibbenmeyer credits her teachers and the education she received at St. Vincent's with establishing a strong foundation for future success in education and life and hopes she can give back to future generations at St. Vincent's.  Mrs. Wibbenmeyer is the AdvancEd coordinator for SVHS.  In her free time Mrs. Wibbenmeyer enjoys reading, camping, and baking.
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St. Vincent High School is now a Missouri Designated A+ school!

Missouri Legislature passed that private/parochial schools may now participate in the A+ Scholarship Program.  A stu...Read More

St. Vincent High School is now a Missouri Designated A+ school!

Missouri Legislature passed that private/parochial schools may now participate in the A+ Scholarship Program.  A student that meets the criteria may have their college tuition paid for toward a junior college or technical/trade school. High School students that are interested need to see Mrs. Wibbenmeyer. Click the link for more information on the A+ Program

Support St. Vincent Through Amazon Smile
Do you shop on Amazon? You can support St. Vincent by using Amazon Smile. Click on this link to shop Amazon and support St. Vincent....Read More

Support St. Vincent Through Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon? You can support St. Vincent by using Amazon Smile. Click on this link to shop Amazon and support St. Vincent.
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