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St. Vincent High School has been nationally accredited since 1933. The accreditation process is generally a five (5) year cycle with a visitation of Peer Educators reviewing the school on the fifth year.  Each visit reviews accomplishments since the previous visit and concludes with a report which identifies strengths and areas of need within the school.  These areas of need are then addressed by faculty and administration in preparation for the next visit (5 years later).

The QAR (Quality Assurance Review) accreditation occurred on April 6-7, 2016 in five (5) areas/standards. Click the link to view the report from the external review team for St. Vincent High School.
2016 AdvancEd Final Report Conclusions

This year we will be surveying the community, faculty, parent, and students. With this data, we are able to look at our Purpose and Direction, our Governance and Leadership Structures, our Teaching and Assessing for Learning, our Resource and Support Systems, and our Using Results for Continuous Improvement and plan for the future.

The accreditation process ensures our graduates have received an education that meets national, state, and college and career readiness standards, making them more competitive for scholarships and college admission.  Students who attend a school accredited by AdvancED can rest assured that the school is committed to raising student performance and held accountable for improving student learning on a continual basis.

To see additional information on AdvancED (the accrediting agency) and the process, you can visit AdvancEd and click on the link "Tools for School Accreditation." 

AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools:

1. Purpose and Direction
2. Governance and Leadership
3. Teaching and Assessing for Learning
4. Resources and Support Systems
5. Using Results for Continuous Improvement

Accreditation means that students have:

  • Qualified teachers who are continually working to improve their practices and teaching methods in order to increase student performance.
  • Access to a rich, diverse, and sound curriculum.
  • Access to a range of student activities and support services.
  • Transferability of credits from school to school.
  • Greater access to federal loans, scholarships, post secondary education, and military programs that require accreditation.

The school credits that students earn at an AdvancED accredited school are recognized by schools, colleges, and universities globally. Through AdvancED's reciprocal agreements with sister accrediting organizations, students can continue their educational goals in the United States or around the world.

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2022 Homecoming Information

2022 Homecoming Information

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2022 Homecoming Information

2022 Homecoming Information

2022 Homecoming Court

Queen: Allie Strattman, daughter of Todd and Nikki Strattman
Maid of Honor: Macy Lukefahr, daughter of Jody and Jennifer Lukefahr
First Maid: Carleigh Grim, daughter of Steve and Renee Grim
Second Maid: Kamille Graham, daughter of Craig Graham and Julie Graham

St. Vincent High School is now a Missouri Designated A+ school!

Missouri Legislature passed that private/parochial schools may now participate in the A+ Scholarship Program.  A stu...Read More

St. Vincent High School is now a Missouri Designated A+ school!

Missouri Legislature passed that private/parochial schools may now participate in the A+ Scholarship Program.  A student that meets the criteria may have their college tuition paid for toward a junior college or technical/trade school. High School students that are interested need to see Mrs. Wibbenmeyer. Click the link for more information on the A+ Program

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